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Why is our real estate office the fastest growing in Poland?

After just 7 years of activity, we can be proud of prestigious branches providing services in Kraków, Wrocław, Gliwice and Warsaw.

Thousands of satisfied customers are the result of our knowledge, determination and passion with which we perform the profession of real estate broker

We treat each of you individually - because everyone is characterized by diverse needs. We are united by one thing - striving to carry out an effective and above all safe transaction.

Thanks to the highest quality of services and an innovative cooperation model, we guarantee you full satisfaction from the process of selling and renting the property.

Real estate services


Thanks to our knowledge and experience, you will easily go through the process of selling your flat, house or usable space. Pass all formalities to us - the real estate market leaders

Thanks to our individual approach and detailed analysis of your needs we will be able to propose you only properties that will meet all your expectations. Save your time that you would have to spent on searching for perfect home.

Do you want to rent your property quickly and safely? Or maybe you are looking for the right accommodation for yourself. Sorting thousands of offers is like looking for a needle in a bottle of hay. We will do it for you - trust professionals

The first impression is the most important one: that's why professionally prepared apartment for sale or rent means 40% better efficiency and 10% more profit! Let us enchant potential buyers of your property with a functional and aesthetic arrangement

While you make the best use of your time, we take care of your properties. Professional property management means security, peace of mind and an absolute certainty that your interests lay in good hands. We provide lettings, maintenance, necessary repairs, timely payments of rent and other issues you will never need to worry about again.

Do you want to take out a mortgage to buy your apartment or house? Our Finance Department will present you only the best offers and propose the most convenient conditions. We offer thoughtful help for those who want to invest their capital in Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw or Gliwice

Do you want to rent a property, but you are afraid of possible damage caused by the tenant? We assure you that your apartment will be safe in our hands. We pay the tenant's civil liability policy with the sum insured for PLN 100,000. Take advantage of our property management offer and earn money safely

Our real estate office offers a wide range of protection - from fire, water, theft, unwary tenants and unexpected fortuitous events. We will adjust the insurance to your needs. Take care of your place today and let us throw your worries away

Do you want your property to be unique? Thanks to low-cost visual staging, we can significantly increase the value of your home for sale. By visualizing the potential of your property, we will make the offer attract a larger number of potential customers. Interested?

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