Osiedle Fi - everyday comfort

Kraków, Podgórze / Łagiewniki

Tadeusza Szafrana



Address: Kraków, Podgórze / Łagiewniki
Osiedle Fi - everyday comfort
Fi estate has been designed for customers looking for flats modern, lighted, functional, elegant and at the same time nice and friendly, green environment. The investment made based on the best standards in terms of architecture, the organization of the housing estate, natural, energy-saving finishing materials, providing luxury and comfort at the same time. A very important aspect is the security area, where by monitoring system and diversion of vehicular traffic in the underground space, residents will find peace, comfort, and will enjoy life closer to nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city. In the realization of that investment used were innovative, environmentally friendly technologies - solar heating systems, systems use rainwater. Fi estate is also a place friendly to children, because within investment is a playground, kindergarten. There will also be active zone of courts, restaurant, fitness center and spa. All of this together creates a unique atmosphere, giving a sense of freedom, security and privacy.

Ground parking: Yes
Underground parking: Yes
Security: Yes
: Yes
Internet: Yes
Monitoring: Yes
Reception: Yes
: Yes
Playground: Yes
Developer info
Deweloper Grupa deweloperska Megapolis Development to jeden z największych krakowskich deweloperów. Posiada mocne i stabilne zaplecze finansowe, dzięki czemu gwarantuje swoim klientom produkty i usługi najwyższej jakości.
Offer ID: 6/OI
Publication date: 06.08.2015