Marketing and sales of real estate investments

We will take care of your investment success

Marketing and sales of real estate investments

We support real estate investments regardless of their scale, stage of advancement or location. Experience of our experts in property marketing and sales will increase profitability of your project. We will support you at all stages, from creation of a fashionable location brand which will attract people, through market introduction and effective promotion, all the way up to efficient sales.

We are at your service regardless of whether you expect comprehensive support in marketing and sales, or only in one of these areas. See what else we can do for you.

Real estate Marketing

We will create a new investment brand from the scratch or strengthen the existing one and make sure it stands out from the competition. A full advertisement package will be prepared and promoted among your potential customers. 

Property Sales

We will ensure efficient and safe sales process of your investment at all stages, advise you on the best solutions, develop an effective sales strategy and coordinate all formalities up to handing over the keys to happy buyers.

Work with market leaders

  • Our experts with vast experience in marketing and sales of development investments are at your service 
  • Team of certified agents will coordinate the sales process of your real estate investment
  • You can rely on our unique sales techniques and extensive market knowledge

Comprehensive property sales support

  • Professional templates of reservation, development and ownership transfer agreements
  • Creation of sales office with dedicated coordinator
  • Sales process coordination from A to Z

Efficient property marketing

  • Brand creation for new real estate investments, and management of existing ones
  • Marketing communication through all channels
  • We operate on proprietary, effective methods of promotion

Wide range

  • Modern, prestigious offices in convenient locations of largest polish cities
  • Thanks to the large base of individual clients and investors from each Polish region, we will quickly and effectively reach people interested in your investment

Save Time and Money

  • reduce or eliminate fixed costs of establishing and maintaining sales office
  • reduce cost of marketing and advertisement, maintaining efficiency and highest quality

Comfort and safety

  • we will ensure your clients peace of mind in the field of technical acceptance of property, financing, interior design and finishing works
  • safety and transparency of the entire sales process is guaranteed by our internal legal department and reputable notary and accounting offices
Property marketing

People buy product, but pay for dreams and emotions that are attributed to them.
Simply put, for brands. Take full advantage of our expertise in creation of a property brands that customers fall in love with.



Full SWOT analysis of your real estate investment

Key features that distinguish your investment will be determined, whether it is location, architecture or landscape. We will make sure customers will not miss it

Advertising and communication audit of competitive investments will be performed



Strong brand created on the basis of initial audit outcome

Unique development name will be created

Distinctive visual identification

Proper positioning of your investment’s brand that allows it to stand out on the market


Advertising materials

Photorealistic visualization and a virtual walk around for the investment

Design and production coordination of promotional materials

Sales materials preparation: 2D/3D projections of apartments and premises cards

Innovative and user friendly website creation


Advertising Campaign

Implementation of proven and effective marketing automation process

Effective promotional campaign for your investment in all necessary communication channels

Social media profiles creation and maintenance

Property sales

Are you planning to organize the sale of your property from scratch or want to improve the current formula? You can rely on us, we know how it’s done. See what else we can do for you.


Business consulting

Thorough analysis of competitors investment portfolio

Comparison of your investment and market competitors

Already at the initial project stage, we will show you recommendations that will increase the attractiveness of your offer in terms of, among others, the interior finish standard, functional assemblies and the structure of apartments


Sales Preparation

Optimal sales strategy and pricing for your investment

Experienced coordinator responsible for the development and implementation of the sales plan for your investment

Dedicated product training for Nowodworski Estates and other real estate agencies.

Clear housing availability management system for all agents promoting your investment

Transparent and secure agreement templates neccessary for successfull sales 



Organization and comprehensive launch of pre-sale of your investment

Preparation of Special offer for pre-sale

Successful reach out to selected group of premium cash customers with exclusive pre-sale promotion


Regular Sales

We will launch and comprehensively coordinate entire sales process of your real estate investment

We will conduct meetings with customers, and present key advantages of your investment in a professional and effective manner

We will guide your customers through the process of signing development contracts and transfer of ownership with cooperation of reputable notary office

Coordination of handing out of keys to apartments to buyers

Periodical detailed reports and sales forecasts prepared by our experts

By working with our trusted business partners we increase your clients’ chances of getting an attractive mortgage terms 


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