Visual Staging Service

When the imagination and photos are not enough, other methods are needed

Visual staging of your property

We believe that every property is beautiful and although sometimes it can not be seen with the naked eye, there is potential in all four walls. Visual staging makes it easier to design and see its future. Our experts will show in a virtual way how after finishing the empty walls of the developer's state will change into a warm and cozy apartment, house or professional office. Visual staging is a digital design, effective marketing and professional presentation. Because the first impression is made only once.


  • When imagination and photos are not enough, other methods are needed
  • We show on visualizations how a property can look after finishing or refurbishment
  • Visual staging helps you sell those properties that may seem less attractive at first glance

Service quality

  • Visual staging is used for the development or real estate for major refurbishments
  • Do you like the finish from visualisation? We will prepare a comprehensive project with a cost estimate and a list of equipment
  • Effect: acceleration of sales, increase in property value, greater interest in the property listing, strong argument in negotiations

percent faster sale or rental

higher price of your property

percent more interest in your property

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Visual staging - step by step

konsulatacja z architektem wnętrz visual staging
Step 1

Consultation with an interior architect

Your Agent will give floor plans and photos to our architects along with an exhaustive description of your property. Together, you determine the style in which spaces are to be designed.

Step 2

Visual staging

Architects using computer rendering programs will create photorealistic visualisations of your property, showing how it will look after refurbishment or finishing. Visualisations will be complemented with pictures of the property in a new, highly positioned listing. We will show both the current state and the possibilities that the property hides.

konsulatacja z architektem wnętrz visual staging
wizualizacja projektu nieruchomości
Step 3

Property presentation

Your Real Estate Agent will conduct presentations to all interested clients and will take care of transaction details.

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