Real Estate Financing

We work for you, not for banks. We know everything about loans and we will gladly share this knowledge with you

Financing real estate purchase

Do you want to take out a mortgage to buy an apartment, house or business premises? Our specialists will present you with selected offers to finance the purchase of the real estate. We guarantee the best matching of the offer to your needs. We offer comprehensive service, save your time and money, and all this in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Nowodworski Estates - a real estate agency that understands your needs.

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  • Get a preliminary decision even in 48 hours
  • We oversee the entire process up to the payment of funds

Rich offer

  • We have 12 banks on offer and the lowest margins on the market
  • We’ll get all the formalities done in one place


  • We will tell you how to build up your credit score and prepare yourself for a loan agreement
  • Don’t have 20% for first instalment? Let’s talk, we’ll find a different way out

Service quality

  • We work for you, not for banks, so be sure that we will offer you the loan that best suits your plans
  • We know everything about loans and we will gladly share this knowledge

hours - initial decision

banks on offer

up to 35 years loan period

PLN additional costs

commission percentage for early repayment

percentage of commission for granting the loan

Real estate financing - step by step

Step 1

Contact with our expert

Contact our expert by filling out the contact form or by calling +48 731 070 330. At this stage you will find out what information will be needed to prepare and submit applications to the bank.
Step 2

Meeting with our expert

Our expert will meet you in a convenient place, present the best offer, put together a concept and action plan, prepare a list of documents to be prepared and inform you about the initial assessment of your creditworthiness. During the meeting, you will also learn the basic information about the loan structure, factors that affect the interest rate and general loan costs, as well as the differences between individual proposals - so that your decision on the choice of financing the purchase of real estate was fully aware.
Step 3

Filling out loan applications

After completing all the required documents, our expert will help you fill out the loan application and place it in the bank of your choice.
Step 4

Starting the loan

Our expert will inform you about obtaining a loan and will establish with you the terms and time of concluding a loan agreement and withdrawing funds.

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