Purchase of Real Estate in Poland

Every day, we help our clients in purchasing of apartments, houses and land plots. We help to find, negotiate prices and provide the best terms

Buying Property in Poland

Are you planning to buy an apartment, house or business premises? Allow real estate specialists from Nowodworski Estates to help you. We understand that the purchase of real estate is an investment based on your needs, we will quickly find the right property, negotiate the best price, and if you are looking to get a mortgage, we will help you choose favourable financing.

Buying real estate with Nowodworski Estates means:

A wide and attractive choice


Quality of Service


Agents searching for a property for you

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Property Purchase Step by Step

wyszukiwanie oferty mieszkań do kupienia warszawa
Step 1

Searching and browsing listings

Using our intuitive search engine at www.nowodworskiestates.pl, you can browse thousands of listings, sorted by several categories, including apartments, houses, premises for rent or for sale. You can also start by finding a development investment for yourself and we will present you the listings that are in it. Each listing includes photos, a bilingual description of the property, a video and a floor plan showing the internal layout.

Step 2

Spotkanie z agentem

During the first meeting, the agent will ask about your preferences and the purpose of the property search, in order to present you only proposals that will meet your expectations. Remember to clearly define what the property must have, such as a balcony, garden or proximity to public transport.

spotkanie z agentem nieruchomości
prezentacja nieruchomości do kupienia warszawa kraków
Step 3

Viewing of the property

From among the agent's proposals or self-selected listings, you choose the ones you want to view. You can view them individually or make an appointment with an agent for a tour of subsequent apartments, houses or premises. You will receive all the necessary information from the agent regarding both the property and the purchase process as well as the costs related to the transaction.

Step 4

Reservation and making the offer

When you find a flat, house or a place that meets your expectations, do not wait until someone else decides - make an offer according to how much you want to pay for a given property. You can give your offer to the agent and he will present it to the seller. And here the negotiations begin.

złożenie oferty kupna nieruchomości
uzyskanie kredytu hipotecznego na mieszkanie kraków warszawa wrocław
Step 5

Getting a mortgage

Once you know that this is the property you want to buy, it's time for the question: cash or credit? If you are planning to take a mortgage, we will be happy to help you with this process. We have our own property financing department. You do not have to run from bank to bank, you only need to meet our expert in the comfortable conditions of one of our branches.

Step 6

Preparation and execution of the transaction

Do not worry about formalities. With the help of an agent, you will efficiently organize a preliminary contract, and then a notarial deed of selling real estate with a trusted notary. The agent is with you at every stage of the transaction, making sure everything goes according to plan and is completely safe. One of the agent's tasks will be to verify the legal status of the property before you sign the paperwork.

podpisanie umowy kupna nieruchomości mieszkania domu warszawa kraków wrocław
przekazanie nieruchomości po zakupie
Step 7

Transfer of the keys

At the end, the agent will prepare and carry out a property transfer and acceptance report, in which its condition, equipment, meter readings, as well as photos will be stored. If you are looking for investment, take advantage of professional help in renting and managing the rental property.

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