Real Estate Warsaw

Real Estate Warsaw

Sale, rental and property management in Warsaw

Two million inhabitants, a business and political center of Poland, and one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, the heart of this part of the continent. Our real estate agency in Warsaw – Nowodworski Estates is successfully operating on this dynamic market.

We help to sell, buy and rent flats, houses and offices. We know almost everything about real estate in Warsaw; we suggest and help securely carry out all transactions related to the purchase, rent or sale of houses, offices or flats.

Thousands of clients have trusted us because we know that everyone is different and everyone has different needs. If you are looking for a home, flat or office in Warsaw; you want to sell or rent them quickly - you've come to the right place. In Warsaw, you will not find better service. Warsaw can not only be liked - it is a city of possibilities.


Warsaw is a city full of possibilities and amazing energy. We will help you quickly find the perfect apartment when you will enjoy the charms of the capital! Do not waste time, give us a search for a rental apartment and join thousands of satisfied customers.


Real estate has no secrets for us. We will help you buy your property quickly and effectively. Bet on experience, professionalism and check how the real estate market leaders sell!


Every day we add dozens of people looking for renting apartments, houses and commercial premises to the base. Renting your property? - it will take less time than you think. Check out our possibilities! We are happy to show what we can do!


Do you need more space? Moving to another city? Did you find a better place? When you plan to move, we will relieve you from sales issues. Trust the leaders and see how they earn for you!